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Nevekari Enterprises is an award winning screenwriting team that pens features and shorts in a variety of genres and budgetary levels, as well as engaging in script doctoring. In concord, we serve as a holistic development team for a number of episodic series of our creation.

With over 20 awards and nominations on the global film festival and script competition circuits, and forty completed scripts, we are dedicated to the perfection of our craft, and to seeking out other artists who possess a clear creative vision and an interest in collaboration.

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Selected Scripts
by genre

Historical Drama

The Supplicant

A Political Tragedy Based on a Stage Play by Euripides

An American soldier of Iraqi origin is heroically killed in action in his former nation, and the ultimate disposition of his remains divides his loved ones as well as the internal politics of both countries.

Diamond Hill

An Edwardian Tragic Romance

In the narrow circumstance of Edwardian society, a young man returns from an unpopular war, and is torn between an expected engagement to his childhood sweetheart; damaged by unseen impedements and his misunderstood war trauma, and the love of his nurse.

(Less Than Nothing)

A Tale of Prohibition Period Detroit Taken from Real Life Events

The rise and fall of two key members of Detroit's infamous Purple Gang is chronicled by a law enforcement officer assigned to their case.

Science Fiction

Classical Ideal - Feature & Short

A Socially Relevant Science Fiction Romance

In the near future a woman awakes to find she has been transformed into an ideal version of herself: the only catch, her memory of the past has been obliterated. Manipulated by a culture driven by vanity and unreasonable expectations, she struggles to find what she has lost.

Partisan Earth

An Episodic Space Opera Series

Eight people from different walks of life find themselves trapped aboard an ancient sentient spaceship marooned on earth, and quickly become ensnared in the complex political struggle of the ship's once and present home.


A New Hard Science Fiction Episodic Series

In the technology-driven future romantics dreamed of, the fate of a damaged ship mobilizes a desperate struggle to gain and maintain power.


A Steam-Punk Series Cut Deep into the Social Fabric of Victorian England

A controversial history professor and a colleague’s daughter find themselves thrown back in time to an alternate Earth, where they take it upon themselves to spare that world many of the most tragic pitfalls of history, while dodging the operatives of a mysterious group bent on controlling both worlds.

Star Trek: Enterprise "Sleepers"

An Existing Series Script Treatment Available for Novelization

The crew of Enterprise encounter an outdated sleeper ship and discover the on-going covert mission the ship was charged with, as well as the problematic conspiracy to keep it quiet.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine "Broken Bloodline"

An Existing Series Teleplay Now Available for Novelization

The crew of DS9 attempt to free the Jem'Hadar from Dominion servitude, and stumble across a secret that connects the mythic origins of species on both sides of the wormhole.


Asymmetric Web-Series

A Tech-Crime Thriller Featuring a Plucky Heroine

In Asymmetric's Pilot Episode, "Usury Maze", a legendary hacker addicted to challenge is recruited by a group of would-be revenge seekers, but when the gambit goes awry, thus starts her life on the run.

In the Absence of Evidence

A Short Subject Crime Drama with a Science Fiction Twist

A recently released convict returns home and struggles to rebuild his damaged relationship with his family, but finds his criminal past inescapble, and discovers a secret that could change the world.

Person of Interest: "Toxophilite"

An Existing Series Spec Episode

Finch, Reece, Shaw and Root are confronted by a mysterious nemesis who is targeting members of the Decima Corporation, and them.

Writer Biographies

Ira Aron Rosenblum

Born in New York City and a graduate of the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music and Art with a degree in Studio Art and Ithaca College with degrees in History, Art History and Music, Mr. Rosenblum was involved with the recording industry for over twenty years, and has written, been interviewed in, or has consulted for editorial and review articles that have appeared in such newspapers, magazines, and online journals as: Billboard, Global Rhythm, Irish Music,,, and The Ithacan. In addition, he served as a buyer, purchasing consultant and marketing copy writer for companies such as the Empire Music Group and Musicrama. In 2004, Mr. Rosenblum consulted and authored sections of the critical work: “World Music: The Basics” by Richard Nidel; published by Routledge/T & F.

In 2008, he turned his full attention toward his own writing and soon completed the manuscripts for his first two novels and novellas. As the manager, composer and sound designer of Stubborn God Productions, his purview has included expanding Nevekari Enterprises scripts in the audio and visual aspects of media. As of January 2020 Mr. Rosenblum has edited, co-edited, and sound edited over sixty promotional videos and films, as well as recording well over three hundred music tracks, of which more than eighty have appeared on Nevekari Enterprises film project soundtracks or have been released online.

He and his wife Michelle are the proud parents of two: Amalia and Joshua. They maintain residences in NYC and Michigan.

Kevin Lennon

Born in Sydney, Australia, and raised in New York; Kevin Lennon is a writer, fine artist and illustrator who graduated with an Associate’s degree in Advertising Design from Elizabeth Seton College and a B.F.A. in Graphic Design and Illustration from the University of Wisconsin at Osh Kosh.

Mr. Lennon was a freelance illustrator for a number of years, and specialized in producing such diverse projects as; political cartoons, children’s book proposals, magazine illustrations, portions of graphic novels, and conceptual visual designs in the character, costume, and industrial realms for third party clients. An avid traveler and student of film, literature, philosophy and psychology, he has collaborated with a number of co-authors on spec scripts as well as producing several novel concepts as a solo creator. In 2010 he was offered a special invitation to be part of an art exhibition at the library of New York University that included a number of his fine art works. He is currently working on a collection of short stories as well as an illustrated children’s book and resides in Yonkers, New York.

Stubborn God Productions

Stubborn God Productions (SGP) is the audio production imprint of Nevekari Enterprises as well as the extended musical endeavors of Ira Aron Rosenblum's alter-ego 391 & the Army of Astraea. This appellation includes both collaborative and solo musical endeavors, and in its earliest incarnation dates back to 1983. The entity was largely responsible for the composition, creation and production of the soundtrack work featured on the Partisan Earth Promotional DVD and the Partisan Earth Demo CD, both completed in May of 2012 and re-mixed in December of 2015.

As of 2020 Stubborn God has edited, co-edited, and sound edited over eighty promotional films, as well as recording well over three hundred music tracks, of which more than sixty have appeared on Nevekari Enterprises film soundtracks or online releases.

As SGP has evolved, it has come to envelope several other aspects, including general audio production, as well as the forging of amiable relationships with a network of composers, studio personnel, and session musicians who work in either the acoustic or electronic arenas of soundtrack production.