Top 10 Finalist in the Spec Script Category at the World Series of Screenwriting
Preliminary Finalist in the Existing Series Category at the 2015 Creative World Awards

Person of Interest: "Toxophilite" Logline

Finch, Reece, Shaw and Root are confronted by a mysterious nemesis who is targeting members of the Decima Corporation...and them.

Person of Interest: "Toxophilite" Existing Series Spec Episode Synopsis

Members of a "Neo-Westies" mob faction have been found massacred. The one unusual remainder of the crime is that a few were slain by arrow. FUSCO sand REECE are brought in to investigate, and the lone survivor, a man named NEIL RILEY, brother of the gang's now deceased leader, has been rushed to the hospital. With no numbers suggested by the MACHINE - FINCH, REECE and SHAW attempt to "make" the elusive culprit, but to no avail. However, when the archer's seemingly unrelated next targets are that of a pair of DECIMA operatives, the group begrudgingly decides to help them.

With the first Decima agent slain, Shaw takes it upon herself to look after the other, a man named JASON HAZARD; who is injured and narrowly escapes alive. ROOT, on the other hand continues to tail Riley, but she chooses not to inform Finch of his possible "Relevance" - a fact that has also brought the interest of Decima's director, JOHN GREER, as well. To wit, in a Machine flashback we see COLLIER'S death on the rooftop - and the archer is revealed as viewing the event from afar.

Having lost Riley, Root confesses that she suspects Riley is the archer, and not a victim of intra-gang extortion or infighting, as assumed, and the group deposits Hazard in a hospital, hoping to entrap Riley if, and when, he attempts to finish the job.

Greer visits Hazard in the hospital, and Hazard chooses not to reveal Shaw, which brings Greer to question Hazard's fidelity to Decima. Root, of course, views Greer's presence as an open invitation for assassination, but with scores of Decima agents present, the group opts to abandon the scene, were it not for the fact that Shaw is trapped inside the building.

In the resulting chaos of the archer's "explosive" entrance, the archer attempts to slay Greer. However, in protecting Hazard, Shaw sidetracks the archer from further carnage, allowing Greer the opportunity for safe exit. As a result, Shaw and the archer face off, revealing that the archer is not Riley at all, but a former Control co-operative of Shaw's who mistakenly believes that Shaw now works for Decima.

As the archer's larger plan unfolds the situation comes to a head, the remnants of the gang and Greer's men are pitted against one another, with Finch, Reece, Shaw, and Root caught in between.