Awards - Pilot Part 1 of 3: HUMAN LEGACY

Quarter Finalist - Original Teleplay Category, 2015 Creative World Awards

Series Logline

Eight people from different walks of life find themselves trapped aboard an ancient sentient spaceship marooned on earth, and quickly become ensnared in the complex political struggle of the ship's once and present home.

Praise for Partisan Earth

The ancient history, the buried spacecraft, the human kidnapping and the huge time gap to arrive at the story “now” is fascinating.

The premise (of Partisan Earth), is certainly as valid and as interesting as many of the shows that have made it to network or release. The built-in conflicts and intra and interpersonal chemistry is varied enough to sustain story continuity and interest.
- Syd Mead / April, 2012
Visual Futurist Design Consultant / Conceptual Artist
Star Trek: TMP, Tron, Blade Runner, Aliens, Mission Impossible III, Mission to Mars, Elysium
[The Main Characters discovery of] an advanced space craft piloted by an apparent Neanderthal is an intriguing premise, and would be appealing to viewers interested in the current Ancient Aliens/Chariots of the Gods craze.
- Slamdance Screenplay Competition

Partisan Earth Brief Series Synopsis

Awakening after 26,000 years of dormancy, the frazzled artificial intelligence of the recently discovered ship attempts to find its home - unwittingly bringing the lost "crew" of suburban Middle Americans into contact with the inhabitants of a vast space-faring Empire.

Descendants of humans kidnapped from Earth in pre-history, the Empire; a four ruler tetrarchy referred to as "Sothian", unrelenting hounds the "alien ship" and its crew, plying their propaganda machine, religion and armed forces (comprised mainly of slaves) against them.

Struggling to find sustenance as well as allies, the crew of "Challenger" (as they soon dub it), quickly become caught between the brutal repression of the state and the desperation of its enemies - all leading to our protagonists willing involvement in an escalating civil war between two diametrically opposed claimants to one of the Empire's thrones.