Top 9 Finalist in the Short Film Script Category at the 2016 Richmond International Film Festival


A recently released convict returns home and struggles to rebuild his damaged relationship with family, but finds his criminal past inescapable, and discovers a secret that could change the world. 

In the Absence of Evidence: Synopsis

Jimmy Byrnes has been released from prison after a fifteen year sentence, elongated due to his bad behavior. His friend, and former co-prisoner, George "Rabbit" Turner, arrives to take him home to his estranged wife, Monica; and his now teenage daughter, Alyssa.

As hard as re-connecting with his family is, Jimmy has decided to make a go at the straight life, and has likewise resolved to re-integrate into his former domestic situation. However, his past employers are extremely interested in the missing remainder of "supposed" proceeds from Jimmy's last job for them, which they believe Jimmy hid while he was in prison. And though Jimmy knows that there is no remainder, it becomes clear that his once boss; Anthony, is covering his own wrong-doing in the theft for an even higher organized crime kingpin.

In the meantime, Alyssa's peculiar behavior, and her odd friends, seem to be of great interest to a group studying the Byrnes family from afar.

Boxed into a corner, and with the safety of his family and friend compromised, Jimmy is forced to confront his past, and the gangsters who have chosen to saddle him with being the fall guy for their own traitorous actions.

The situation comes to a head when Jimmy, Monica, Alyssa, and Rabbit are forced to flee, and the truth about Alyssa and her friends is finally revealed...forever changing all of their lives.