Narishkeit Logline

A police inspector relates the legacy of two stellar members of Detroit's infamous prohibition period mobsters, "the Purple Gang".

Praise for Narishkeit

Kevin Lennon and Ira Rosenblum manage to paint a complex, refreshing picture of Detroit's most notorious outlaws, the Purple Gang. Although graphic, the story is also textured and nuanced. The scenes unfold almost romantically, told through the eyes of the men charged with bringing the heavy hand of justice to bear. If guilt is a pleasure, we share law enforcement's joyous irony as we learn to respect, if not care for these ruthless, gentlemen killers.
- Jeffery T. Schultz
Writer / Director


It is late November 1933, and the end of Prohibition is looming.

Two of the Purple Gang's most ruthless members - ABE AXLER and EDDIE FLETCHER, have been found executed in a rural area of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

The inseparable pair, sometimes pejoratively called the Siamese Twins, were incarcerated from 1929-1931, and in their absence, the Purples have increasingly sold their brutal services to the highest bidders.

Since their release, Axler and Fletcher have attempted to take control of Detroit's narcotics market in the name of the once dominant mob of Jewish hit men, kidnappers, bootleggers and hijackers. It is a fact that has led to a death sentence being levied on the duo by the ever-encroaching Sicilian crime families.

Told in retrospect by, with forays into the pair's past interpolated within, Axler and Fletcher's historic rise and fall is chronicled law enforcement officers assigned to their case.

It's nothing personal...or is it?